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About Thieme Compliance

With more than 30 years of experience in the market, Thieme Compliance is one of the largest providers for medically and legally well-founded patient information. As a specialist for process-oriented solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of patient information products in all common media: Printed and digital products, films and carbonless forms. Thus, a wide selection is available to clinics and practices and can be adjusted individually to different patient information situations.

2,000 informed consent forms from more than 30 fields in up to 20 languages are available. A network of more than 400 writers, specialists for medical law and editors ensures that the informed consent forms and educational films are always up to date. All of our products are regularly revised and developed further so that they are always fulfilling high demands for quality and innovation.

Our values

We are continually working on products customised to the requirements of doctors and patients in the best way possible - from printed informed consent forms in up 20 languages, to educational films and patient information software. In all of this, our core values are always as follows:

We have a network of more than 400 medical writers, editors, well-known lawyers and IT experts. This you can rely on.

We have a selection of more than 2,000 informed consent forms which are always up to date medically and legally. With this, you are on the safe side.

We have an expert team consisting of office staff, IT support and field service employees directly on site. This is service with a 360-degree view for you.

Problem-solving expertise
Our offerings are as versatile as your profession. With this, you are on the flexible side.

Our history

2018 Thieme Compliance is developing e-learning courses for patient information in co-operation with medical specialists and lawyers. The personal user experience increases understanding of the information and reduces the liability risk. A hospital-wide usage ensures that all physicians who inform patients have the same level of knowledge.
2015 The concept "IT hilft: Medizinisches Wissen - nie da, wo ich es brauche" again wins an "Entscheiderfabrik" award.
2014 Introduction of the web-based E-Consent portal. The complete range of informed consent forms can be printed as needed without installing any software.
2013 Launch of E-ConsentPro mobile, the mobile application for patient information. It enables flexible, location-independent patient information and full digital workflow.
2012 / 2013 Two times in a row, Thieme Compliance wins first place in the “Entscheiderfabrik” award. The concepts for fully electronic patient information (2012) and mobile electronic patient information (2013) were awarded the price. Both concepts provide an innovative approach to more efficient clinic procedures and were implemented in co-operation with partner clinics.
2010 Thieme Compliance developed the software E-ConsentPro as a complete and integrated solution for legally founded patient information. E-ConsentPro integrates all Diomed and proCompliance informed consent forms available into a single software.
2008 Thieme Compliance takes the next step to establish itself as a system provider for integrated patient information solutions by adopting and revising Medlinq's education films for anaesthetics.
2006 Diomed and proCompliance are united under Thieme publishers (2007: Thieme Compliance) and still keep their existence as brands.
1981 The publishing company proCompliance is founded.
1979 The first standardized informed consent form is drafted and published by the founding editors in the field of anaesthetics.
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