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Strong concepts with strong partners

Doctor-patient communication made easy: together with our sales and technology partners, we offer functional solutions with innovative technologies.

Eligible for Hospital Future Act (KHZG) funding: We meet all of the optional and mandatory criteria for funding status 2 with the patient portals of our partners m.Doc, BEWATEC, Dedalus HealthCare, ICW, Philips Engage, samedi and soffico.

  • The solutions enable data and information to be exchanged digitally between hospitals and patients before, during and after the hospital stay.
  • Interoperable interfaces create seamless data transfer with and between different systems.
  • Guideline-oriented content prepared for patients can be context-sensitively fed in to provide patients with good information and support throughout the care process.

Also 100% eligible for subsidy 3 "Digital care and treatment documentation":
All nursing, diagnostic and therapeutic measures during the entire hospital stay can be planned and documented in the RECOM GRIPS patient file.

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