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Optimized processes through reliable documentation

With E-ConsentPro software, we offer a comprehensive solution for medically and legally sound patient information. E-ConsentPro software enables digital access to more than 2,000 informed consent forms from the Diomed and proCompliance product ranges in up to 20 languages. By connecting to your existing hospital or doctor information system, patient data can be transfered directly in the informed consent forms.

The options include printing out the informed consent forms with the basic module E-ConsentPro, digital recording of the patient history, electronic signature and secure filing of the informed consent form as a PDF/A file with the additional module E-ConsentPro mobile and even integration of your own documents with the additional module E-DocumentPro.

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E-ConsentPro software in comparison

Basic module E-ConsentPro

The E-ConsentPro software enables you to transfer patient data directly from the hospital or doctor information system to the informed consent forms. These can be printed out with or without patient data as needed.

Additions by the doctor and additional questions can be entered directly into the information form so they are always available when displaying the form again.

Finally the informed consent form is filled in by hand and signed as usual.

Additional module E-ConsentPro mobile

By integrating mobile devices, E-ConsentPro mobile enables a fully digital workflow from digital recording of the patient history to generating a PDF/A document for digital filing.

Patient data can be integrated directly in the informed consent forms by linking to your existing hospital or doctor information system.

Concerning the digital medical history, the patient answers individual questions step by step on the mobile terminal which can be viewed by the doctor even before the patient-doctor conversation. The doctor thus has more time for the individual patient-doctor conversation.

The integration of educational films leads to higher patient satisfaction thanks to better understanding of the intervention.

In the end the informed consent form is electronically signed and a PDF/A document for digital filing is generated.

Additional module E-DocumentPro

Use the "E-DocumentPro" app to integrate your own documents into the digital work flow, edit them digitally and then electronically sign them und file them - paperless from processing to filing.

Interfaces to leading systems

The E-ConsentPro software stands out with an extensive interface package to leading systems. For example, by linking to your existing hospital or doctor information system, patient data can be integrated directly into the E-ConsentPro software.Below you will find an overview of selected interface partners.

Hospital or Doctor's Information System (HIS) and Radiology Information Systems (RIS):

AGFA Healthcare, Cerner, Chili Digital Radiology, GE Healthcare, i-SOLUTIONS Health, medavis RIS, Meierhofer, Nexus AG, Telekom Healthcare Solutions, VISUS

Archive systems:

DMI, MARABU, mediDOK, Optimal Systems, synedra

Practice management systems:

CompuGroup Medical, Duria, medatixx

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