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What is E-Consent?



The web-based E-Consent portal offers you fast and easy access to the informed consent forms of our Diomed and proCompliance ranges of forms. You can quickly print out the required forms as needed without having to install anything. With more than 2,000 forms in each field, you will be sure to find the fitting form for the scheduled procedure. Our offerings in up to 20 languages in total also facilitate information of patients speaking a foreign language.

We offer quality by experts


All informed consent forms of Thieme Compliance are continually revised and developed further by a unique network of well-known specialists. Our team of experts, consisting of more than 400 medical writers, publishers, editors and lawyers, ensures that the forms are of the highest quality and are always up to date. This is what we stand for as a leading system provider of solutions in patient information - since more than 30 years.


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  Access to more than 2,000 informed consent forms of Diomed and proCompliance product ranges

  Each field in up to 20 languages

  Immediately useable, no software-installation required

  Quick printing of forms as needed

  Embedding your logo and your patient and facility information

  Any informed consent form available for selection within the scope of your credit balance

  Secure data transmission via encrypted connection

  Smooth upgrade to E-ConsentPro software possible

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