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E-ConsentPro software



With our E-ConsentPro software, we offer a comprehensive solution for medically and legally well-founded patient information. Its features range from printing out digital forms to digital recording of the patient history, electronic signature and filing. By integrating mobile devices, E-ConsentPro provides the necessary conditions for location-independent patient information, thus enabling a fully digital workflow.


  Current inventory of forms

2,000 informed consent forms of the Diomed and proCompliance product ranges are currently available digitally. They are always up to date medically and legally and are available in a variety of languages.

  Customisation options

Patient data can be integrated from HIS/PIS, facility data (logo/barcode) can be embedded. Doctor’s comments can be entered directly in the informed consent form and saved individually.

  Integration of educational films

Educational films help the patient understand the procedure and can be integrated in the course of the patient-doctor discussion.

E-ConsentPro Classic

Classic offers digital access to all informed consent forms. The forms can be printed out and completed and signed by hand as usual.


Advantages & features of E-ConsentPro Classic

   Saving costs by printing forms as needed
   Own documents can be integrated in the application and can also be included in print sequences.
   The educational films can be shown on TV screens, beamers, portable DBD players, notebooks, tablets and PCs.
       However, the films can also be played on patient and bedside terminals in addition.
   They help the patient understand the procedure.


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E-ConsentPro mobile

The mobile “E-ConsentPro” software enables a fully digital workflow for providing patients with medical information using tablet PCs – at any location, flexibly and close to the patient, in the same way as physicians would normally use paper documents to inform patients. With its digital anamnesis, handwritten notes entered directly on the tablet, electronic signature and ability to generate pdf documents for long-term archiving, the software meets the demands of IT and hospital management decision-makers for efficient solutions that can be used flexibly in everyday hospital work while at the same time offering the necessary process and documentation safety.


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