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Medical patient education films from Thieme Compliance are characterized by a realistic insight in the field of treatment, intelligible depictions of the interventions with the aid of 3D-animations. Direct indications are shown of what patients have to take in account in preparation of the medical intervention.

Our offer includes patient education films in the fields of Anesthesia, Heart Surgery, Ophthalmic Surgery, Orthopedic, Radiology and Urology.

The educational films are based on the close cooperation with well-known authors in the medical and legal field. The films are the ideal supplement to our patient education forms for different diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Our offer includes 35 films and is continuously extended with new fields and videos.


  Descriptive information brokerage

  Higher patient satisfaction due to better awareness

  Higher doctor satisfaction due to the discharge of a monotonous patient education routine

  More time for the individual dialogue between doctor and patient

  Modern appearance of your hospital or doctor's office

Education films can be played from a variety of devices

- TV-Screens
- Projectors
- Portable DVD-player
- Notebooks, PCs
- Patient terminals
- Bedside terminals
- Tablets

All educational films are available in 3 different running times

The version “Compact” is conceptualized for a fast billing increment in the patient education. The upcoming treatment is exclusively illustrated with the aid of a 3D-animation.

The version “Medium” gives the patient additional cautiously indications for the time after the intervention. It is very appropriate to be shown before the actual intervention.

The version “Standard” shows in addition to the procedure cautiously indications to the risks of the intervention. This version affords a particularly comprehensive patient education and gives the doctor the opportunity to concentrate on the individual characteristics of the current case in the following medical consent discussion.

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