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Always up-to-date informed consent forms

The informed consent forms of Thieme Compliance support the patient-doctor conversation. The informed consent forms from the Diomed and proCompliance product ranges include a detailed description of the procedure and why it is needed. In addition, they collect important information about the patient’s health or relevant pre-existing conditions.

  • More than 2,000 informed consent forms in more than 30 fields in up to 20 languages
  • Always up-to-date medically and legally, as guaranteed by specialists
  • Also available as convenient carbonless forms
  • Recommended by leading professional associations

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Informed consent forms by fields at a glance

Anesthesia & Pain Therapy

Complementary Medicine





Guardianship Law

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Internal Medicine


Nuclear Medicine


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  Orthopedics & Accident Surgery





Radiotherapy & Radiooncology


Transfusion Medicine



More than 2,000 informed consent forms - always up-to-date

Why are informed consent forms updated?

  • Editorial date
  • Acts/legal decisions
  • Technical regulations
  • Standards
  • New or modified procedures, surgeries and measures as well as the associated risks/adverse effects

Who is involved in the update?

  • 14 editors
  • 7 lawyers (also from Austria and Switzerland)
  • More than 400 writers and specialist publishers
  • Professional associations
  • Translation agencies

Print & Digital

New from 2020

Carbonless informed consent forms

Carbonless informed consent forms give you the ideal opportunity to quickly provide your patients with the legally required copy without any assistive technology.

Simple handling: 
Quick availability of the required copy for the patient.

High printing and paper quality: 
The copies are clearly differentiated from the original by using coloured paper. The carbonless forms are protected against the writing bleeding through to the next page.

Furthermore, our convenient Clipboard clipboard facilitates easy handling.



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Structure and instructions for use

The information part of the informed consent forms contains a comprehensive description of the procedure and why it is necessary, which is easy to understand for the patient. The patient is informed about possible additions to the procedure, risks and complications and instructions for before and after the procedure.

In the patient history part, general information on the patient (age, height, etc.) is collected. In addition, data on the general condition, relevant pre-existing condition and possible allergies is collected.

Doctor's notes on the patient-doctor discussion can be recorded in the documentation part. It also includes the patient's statement of consent. By signing the statement of consent, the patient confirms that a patient-doctor discussion has taken place and s/he feels prepared for the procedure.


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