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Optimise your processes with digital patient education

E-ConsentPro software for digital patient education offers you a holistic solution for medically and legally sound patient education. E-ConsentPro enables digital access to more than 2000 patient information sheets from the Diomed and proCompliance ranges in up to 20 languages. Patient data can be transferred directly to the patient information sheet via a connection to your existing hospital or doctor information system.

  • Printout of information sheets
  • Digital medical history
  • Electronic signature and secure archiving of patient information sheets as PDF/A documents
  • Integration of your own documents

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Your advantages at a glance

Process and workflow optimisation

Easy integration into an existing workflow via a connection to an existing hospital or doctor information system

Cost savings

Save money by printing out information sheets only as required and dispensing with ordering and storage


The Diomed and proCompliance patient information sheets are always up to date and available

E-ConsentPro in detail – Find the right solution for your requirements

E-ConsentPro basic module

Direct transfer of patient data from the hospital or doctor information system
With E-ConsentPro, you can transfer patient data directly from the hospital or doctor information system to the patient information sheets. The sheets can be printed with or without patient data as required.

Medical supplementary texts and additional questions can be added to the patient information sheets and remain ready for when the sheets are called up again. Finally, the information sheets are filled out and signed by hand as usual.

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E-ConsentPro Mobile add-on module

Completely digital patient information from medical history to information sheet archiving
E-ConsentPro Mobile enables the use of mobile devices to provide completely digital patient information, from medical history to patient information sheet archiving.

The patient data is transferred directly from the hospital or doctor information system. As part of the digital medical history, the patient responds to the individual questions step by step on their mobile device, and the doctor can review it before the consultation. This gives doctors more time for the individual doctor-patient consultation.

The integration of suitable educational films leads to higher patient satisfaction thanks to better understanding of their procedure. Finally, the patient information sheet is signed electronically and a PDF/A document is created for digital archiving.

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E-ConsentPro Documents add-on module

Integrate your own documents into the digital process
With E-ConsentPro Documents, you can integrate your own documents into the digital workflow – paperless from processing to archiving. The documents are prepared by Thieme Compliance and made available digitally. Patients fill them out directly on a tablet and sign them. Finally, a PDF/A document is generated for secure archiving.

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E-ConsentPro Patient add-on module

Record medical history data – independent of time and place
Expand patient communication with E-ConsentPro Patient and create an opportunity for your patients to record medical history data at home, to read educational content and to prepare themselves. The data is passed on in a structured manner to all service providers and involved parties.

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Interfaces to leading systems

E-ConsentPro software includes a comprehensive package for interfacing to leading systems. For example, the connection to hospital or doctor information systems enables a direct transfer of patient data into the software. Below you will find an overview of selected interface partners.

Hospital information systems (HIS) and radiology systems (RIS)

AGFA Healthcare, Cerner, Chili Digital Radiology, GE Healthcare, i-SOLUTIONS Health, medavis RIS, Meierhofer, Nexus AG, Telekom Healthcare Solutions, VISUS

Archive systems:

DMI, MARABU, mediDOK, Optimal Systems, synedra

Practice Management Systems (PMS):

CompuGroup Medical, Duria, medatixx


Partner network overview

FAQs about E-ConsentPro

The most frequently asked questions about E-ConsentPro can be found here.


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