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Educational films for efficient patient education

When your patients are about to undergo an operation, they of course have many questions. The use of educational films guarantees your patients an easily understandable presentation of the planned procedure while also providing information about additional processes before and after the operation. Educational films are therefore the ideal complement to the patient information sheets.

  • Educational films from 18 specialty areas in different languages and/or with different subtitles
  • Up-to-date content through collaboration with renowned specialists and lawyers
  • Better patient understanding of the procedure
  • More time for individual doctor-patient discussions

View sample films

Overview of patient education films

We currently offer educational films from 18 specialty areas. Educational films without words enable foreign-language patients to learn about a planned procedure in an understandable way.

General and abdominal surgery









Hand surgery


Cardiac surgery








Maxillofacial surgery






Plastic surgery






Thoracic surgery


Without words


Patient education


Different runtimes and formats for more flexibility

Integrate the educational films smoothly into your everyday work. With the apps "Films for Doctors" and "Films for Patients", you can play the films directly in the waiting room or your patients can access them at home. Include the films directly in the E-ConsentPro Mobile software as part of the medical history survey. Alternatively, you can embed the films on your website as HTML snippets or integrate them with download links on different platforms.


Films with an ultra compact runtime last no more than 4 minutes. An abbreviated description of the procedure is shown using animations or static images. A compact runtime is designed for rapidly informing the patient about a procedure and includes only a 3D animation. A medium runtime gives the patient additional instructions for the time before and after the procedure. In addition to these instructions and information about the procedure, films with a standard runtime also show the risks of the procedure.

Doctor and patient testimonials

Gain insight into working with educational films from Thieme Compliance. We asked both doctors and patients about the educational films. When interviewing the patients, the focus was on the topics of film comprehensibility, design and duration. For care providers, the focus was on saving time and the main advantages of using educational films.


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