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Integrate your own documents into the digital process

Use E-ConsentPro documents to integrate your own documents into the digital work flow – paperless from processing to filing.
The documents are prepared by Thieme Compliance and made available digitally. The patient completes and signs the documents directly on a tablet. Finally, a PDF/A document is generated for secure filing.

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Advantages of E-ConsentPro documents

Optimised processes
By integrating your documents into the digital process

Easy operation
E-DocumentPro is simple and clearly laid out for the admission employee and the patient

Paperless operation
Everything is digital from processing to filing

Integration of your documents into the digital process

  • Preparing of German-language documents as XML
  • Translation of documents into foreign languages
  • Provision of documents for digital processing


Digital processing of documents

  • Clearly laid out and easy to use
  • Assign several documents per patient (package of forms)
  • Directly transfer individual patient data
  • Digitally fill in text fields and check boxes
  • Handwritten comments possible
  • No data storage on the mobile terminal


Electronic signature of documents with biometric features

  • Check document status at any time
  • Sign assigned documents electronically
  • Generate a PDF/A document for secure filing

You can find more information in our current flyer: E-DocumentPro Flyer

E-ConsentPro documents at a glance

Electronic signature

The electronic signature is of comparable evidential value to signed documents. In the technology used by the "E-DocumentPro" App, the electronic signature consists of two components:


Static image of the signature



Biometric features of the signature

  • Starting and lifting points
  • Pen pressure
  • Writing speed

In addition, the electronic signature is encrypted and permanently attached to the document so that manipulating the document is impossible.

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Please tell us if you are already using E-ConsentPro and which documents you want to integrate into the digital process.


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