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E-ConsentPro mobile at a glance

The software is based on a locally installed client server solution, which the respective user can access in a user-specific manner.

Selection of forms: The application for nursing staff / doctor's assistants


  • Access to more than 2,000 informed consent forms from the Diomed and proCompliance product ranges
  • All specialist fields in up to 20 languages
  • Option to select of educational films
  • Possibility of integration into a hospital or doctor's information system:

    • Direct allocation of forms
    • Transfer of patient and institutional data

  • Other features: Issuing bar codes, integrating logos, etc.

"Anamnese mobil" app: The application for patients


  • Digital patient history with manual entry of the access key or QR-Code scan
  • Simple service:

    • Answering individual questions step by step
    • Displaying the user interface in the allocated form's language
    • Variable font size

  • Possibility of integrating educational films to provide a better understanding of the procedure
  • No data storage on the mobile device

"Aufklärung mobil" app: The application for doctors


  • Overview of the patient history data even before the patient-doctor conversation with an indication of the risks
  • Direct links to relevant Thieme eRef information
  • Possibility of individualising the form by adding handwritten notes:

    • Entering and marking certain aspects
    • Freehand sketches and integration of your own drawing templates
    • Taking photos for documentation

  • Electronic signature
  • Generating a PDF/A document for digital filing
  • If applicable, preparing electronic minutes of the patient-doctor conversation and an electronic patient receipt
  • No data storage on the mobile device

You can find more information in our current flyer: E-ConsentPro mobile Flyer

Benefits of mobile patient information with E-ConsentPro mobile

Digital patient history
Due to location-independent patient information, the doctor has more time for the individual patient-doctor conversation

Process and work flow optimisation

Optimised processes by means of a digital work flow and reliable process documentation

Educational films

Integration of appropriate educational films achieves a higher degree of patient satisfaction by providing a better understanding of the procedure


Cost benefits from foregoing procurement and inventory management, and lower process costs due to the digital work flow

Handwritten comments
Individualising the information form with drawing, freehand sketches, etc.


Data protection compliance by means of secure data management on the server and preparation of PDF/A documents for filing

Electronic signature
Optimised processes by means of a digital paperless work flow from patient history to filing

Efficient time management

Better understanding of the procedure by the patient and more time for the individual patient-doctor conversation

This is what patient information using E-ConsentPro mobile could look like for you!

Electronic signature

The electronic signature is of comparable evidential value to signed documents. In the technology used by E-ConsentPro, the electronic signature consists of two components:

Static image of the signature


Biometric features of the signature


  • Starting and lifting points
  • Pen pressure
  • Writing speed

In addition, the electronic signature is encrypted and permanently attached to the document so that manipulating the document is impossible.

System requirements

The E-ConsentPro software can easily be integrated in your practice or clinical infrastructure. Patient data can be transfered directly from the hospital or doctor information system.

The informed consent forms can be updated both online and offline at your choice so that you are always up-to-date both from a medical and legal perspective.

Do you have questions? Contact us!

We will also assist you in installation, training and support.


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