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Good patient care begins with the patient history

Early and structured collection of relevant patient information

Health and healthcare can be improved by having crucial information in the right place at the right time – in hospitals and doctors' offices, in nursing care or rehabilitation centers. Digitally preparing, making available, and exchanging information is one of the essential pillars for good and efficient patient care.

  • Rely on high quality information and documentation – patients already input their data at home and are prepared for their hospital stay
  • Use the time saved for treatment and communication with your patients – with the medical history already precisely recorded and documented
  • Focus on the essentials – the data is available in a structured form to all involved parties and saves multiple data entry

Independent of time and place

Take patient communication to a new level with E-ConsentPro Patient: offer your patients the opportunity to input their medical history data at home, read information, and prepare themselves. The data is forwarded in a structured manner to providers and parties involved. All information relevant to the treatment process is available at an early stage.