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Patient education – We support you in your daily work

Prior to medical treatment, patients must be comprehensively informed about the planned intervention and its necessity, type, and severity, as well as any possible complications. In addition, possible treatment alternatives and personal characteristics must be discussed.

Doctors must prove that they have properly informed their patients in a medical malpractice suit. Without proper explanation in advance, the patient's consent to the procedure is not valid and the procedure is illegal.

Digital patient education

Digital patient education with E-ConsentPro makes it possible to collect medical history data from home or via mobile devices at the facility, regardless of time or location. Doctors can view the medical history questions before the consultation and get an overview.

Medical professionals and patients are well prepared for the consultation and can address specific issues and unanswered questions. This saves doctors valuable time and increases patient confidence and satisfaction.

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Printed patient information sheets

As an alternative to digital patient education, you can access over 2000 printed patient education sheets from more than 30 specialties in up to 16 languages. The patient information sheets are also available as practical sheets with a carbon copy. They contain a comprehensive description of the procedure and its necessity, a medical history section, and a documentation section for recording medical comments, including a consent form.

More time for doctor-patient discussion

Patient information films

When your patients are about to undergo a procedure, they naturally have many questions. By playing educational films directly in the waiting room or giving them to patients to view at home, the procedure can be presented in a way that is easy to understand.

As a result, doctors and patients are well prepared for the doctor-patient discussion. Educational films are therefore the ideal supplement to patient information sheets and at the same time a valuable support in doctor-patient communication.

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Expand knowledge and minimize liability risk

Legal articles

Every month, we select important judgments and other legal topics relating to patient information, which are prepared for you in a comprehensible way by our legal advisors.
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