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Optimized processes enable the exchange of information

Save time and resources as early as the patient admission stage

Optimized, but above all digitized processes make information available where it is needed. Patients have to sign numerous documents when they are admitted to the clinic or practice. By digitally capturing the necessary data, it is immediately available to all the players involved.

  • Avoid lack of transparency and duplicate data entry - data is available to all stakeholders
  • Ensure good and efficient patient care - patients are involved right from the start.
  • Build on digital processes - they reduce personnel costs and provide more time for patients.

Flexible and individual

With E-ConsentPro documents, you integrate your own documents into the digital workflow - paperless from processing to archiving. The documents are prepared by Thieme Compliance and made available digitally. Patients fill them out directly on their tablet and sign them. Finally, a PDF/A document is generated for secure archiving.

E-ConsentPro documents at a glance

  • Integration of own documents, such as data protection agreements or supplementary agreements, into the digital process
  • Preparation of documents by Thieme Compliance
  • Translation into various foreign languages possible
  • Fill out digitally, sign electronically, and archive securely directly upon admission to the clinic or practice
Screenshot ECPdocuments.png