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Product overview

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Digital patient communication at the hospital

E-ConsentPro is your comprehensive software solution for medically and legally compliant patient information in hospitals. It offers access to over 2000 patient information forms in up to 16 languages and integrates seamlessly into your hospital information system. With E-ConsentPro, you can print information sheets, take digital medical histories, capture electronic signatures and securely archive the information documents. You can also integrate your own documents. This simplifies the information process and the management of patient data considerably.

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Digital admission, anamnesis and information for Medical Care Centers

E-ConsentPro offers comprehensive solutions for medical patient information. Fill out information forms digitally, take digital medical histories, capture electronic signatures and archive securely. You can also integrate your own documents. Use our innovative solution for the needs-based provision of patient information forms!
Or use our webshop! Here you can conveniently print out information sheets, license and order information films without having to install any software. No minimum quantities, delivery times or warehousing.

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Patient education for medical practices with the webshop

Our webshop offers convenient and efficient online ordering!

Use the variety of our webshop to select, order and print/license your desired educational sheets or educational films.  

  • Save time: No more waiting on the phone. Order directly and quickly online in just a few minutes.
  • Speed: A few clicks are all it takes to select, order and print your desired products.
  • Flexibility: Order around the clock, whenever it suits your schedule.
  • Transparency: Keep track of your order history and product availability.
  • Cost savings: Print information sheets yourself and save costs by eliminating ordering and warehousing, as well as through standardized sheet prices

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Digital solutions

  • Collection of medical history data from patients at home
  • Digital processing and signing of customer-specific documents during patient admission
  • Completely digital patient education with electronic signing and secure archiving of the information sheets


Patient information sheets

  • Over 2000 information sheets from more than 30 specialty areas in up to 16 languages support the doctor-patient discussion
  • A network of medical authors and legal advisors ensures that the educational content is always medically and legally up to date
  • Also available as handy sheets with carbon copies

Educational films

  • In addition to the patient information sheets, educational films guarantee that the patient has a better understanding of the procedure
  • More time for the individual doctor-patient discussion
  • Up to date content through cooperation with renowned specialists and lawyers